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our mission: To facilitate the listing of Veterinary-related meetings and their pertinent data, and then, using criteria relevant to our visitors, to make these meeting listings available through dynamic searches.

No more searching through meeting fliers, magazines or newsletters
, and no more depending upon hearing about a meeting from colleagues or associates! 
Find the meeting that suits you!  Quickly and easily! Or have them sent to you!

And Meeting Organizers are now able to easily present their meeting, and can expect to have it presented dynamically to visitors who are looking for what they are offering.

Additionally, we try to help ensure that our visitors can locate the meetings they find by sending the known location information to an interactive map on the  MapQuest
® site.

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Who owns and runs 
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Searches are free. No registration is required (but there are advantages to registration - see registration below).

Not like other sites in which you HAVE to give out some information in order to enter or get information. And, what can we say -- you can't beat our price! (Free!)

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Search Methods - there are currently three types of searches:
1) Detailed Search, with menu choices. Criteria** which may be used in searches currently includes: meeting size, meeting length, specialties, species, location, and associated activities. 

our regular search menu choices are easy and straightforward, with helpful hints available by clicking on the (?) symbols.

2) Word Search for a fast search of all text fields -- available from the home page.

You can quick search for the word(s) you think might bring you to the meeting(s) you want, i.e. "OVMA" or "endoscopy".  Some organizations may use unique words to help their membership find them fast!!  Note: We make no guarantee that a word will be, or remain, "unique".

3) Date Search, from the Home page, search for ALL meetings starting within the selected dates.  Additionally, a 'month' search is provided for quickly finding all the meetings listed for a given month.

**Note About Search Criteria -- obviously, the search criteria for any given listing will only work if the information has been entered (properly) by the listing-agent (person representing the meeting or course).  

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Search Results
Search results include title and date info, the first few words of the summary (more if enhanced), contact information, and a link to additional information, if any, which may include the full summary, topics, speakers & sponsors, setting, agenda & costs.

Much more information than you get from most magazine or periodical listings.  And more organized and consistent than fliers and brochures.  (How many times have you found it difficult just to find the meeting dates in a flier?)

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Bi-weekly Meeting Email Updates 
Optional for registered users who request them. We include this under 'searches' because they are dynamically created based on choices you make when signing up for them, and these choices can be altered by you in our Registration/Listing Management. Registration and emails are free!  We will talk a little more about emails below under 'Registration'.

You don't even have to come to this site. New and Upcoming meetings within the parameters you set will come to you every other week. Free!

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About Listings and Monitoring. 
A veterinarian at least looks at the listing to see if there appears to be some veterinary relationship, and to see that there is no other obvious concerns with it -- this is NOT a guarantee, and we ask that any questionable listings or linked sites be reported to us (contact us).

At least some assurance that the listings you find appear veterinary related, and non-objectionable.

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How to List a Meeting
It's easy!!
First Register as a Listing-agent
then choose Add Meetings in Registration/Listing Management
 see our 'About Listings' page for details 

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Basic listings are free
Listings incorporate a wide array of information and have an easy menu interface both for the listing agents to enter information, and for visitors doing searches.  For more about listings and their features -- see About Listings.

Nowhere else (that we know of) can you get your meeting information "out there" such that anyone (anywhere in the world) who might be looking for your meeting can find it. And they will be more likely to want to come to it -- because they found it while looking for the same meeting features that you are offering! 

For most meetings, if just one of our visitors opts to attend your meeting (because of our listing), then the small amount of time you spend entering the meeting information would be well spent indeed! 

Plus, for any size organization, but especially for small organizations with low budgets, this can be THE way of getting your meeting information out to membership -- you can list by a unique locality
1, or just include a unique word in a text or title field for your members to search for in 'Quick Search' - or do both!

1 Note: a unique locality can be entered - but may or may not be added to the search menu choices (at our discretion) - this would mean it could only be used for searches using 'Quick Search'.

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Basic Listing -- Limitations 
All text fields have limitations as to the number of characters our database will accept for that field - even if more can be entered in the space provided.  These apply to our 'Enhanced Listings' as well. For Basic listings, only 75 characters of the 255 that may be stored will be shown in the initial summary.  The full allowance will, however, be shown by clicking on the " [more info] " link.
Also, meeting and organization URL's (website addresses) are not active links -- this is a paid feature (see Optional Enhancements below).  Additionally, you may not use HTML tags or any programming language in your entries.  You can make your meeting stand out (and show the full meeting summary in the initial summary) using our 'Basic Enhanced' listing enhancement (see Optional Enhancements below).  For more information on listing features - see the About Listings page.

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Web-based Listing Management
Add, edit, clone, and delete meetings, and add enhancements through our web-based listing management area. We show a list of each of your meeting title(s) with it's start date and management options.  Passworded for your protection.

How easy can we make it?? No calls, paperwork or trips to the printer. And for only just a little bit of your time -- no where else will you get the same exposure for your meeting. Or have as easy time in managing it. And for just a few dollars, you can get even more exposure -- see Optional Enhancements below.

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Optional Enhancements
Enhancements are paid features.  Enhancements offer either more visibility, or greater functionality (primarily links to your own websites) for your listing.  
For more about Listings and Enhancements -- see our 'About Listings' page.  

For a small price, enhancements  may well help attract the attention of more visitors to YOUR listing, or help get them to your own website where you can give them even more information, or possibly have them register for your meeting online.  Also, these fees help support this site, and allow us to continue this great service. 

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MapQuest® Free Link, on the MapQuest® site, give you the ability to use an interactive map.  We send you with whatever information we have been given on the location of the meeting.  You may also be able to use the other functions within the MapQuest® site, such as Driving Directions.  Look for the MAP graphic which serves as a link to this feature from the search results. 

So if you are not sure where the meeting is, you no longer have to wonder.

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registration for visitors Click here to Register Now!
The information below is a summary - for details see Registration Info

Registration is free (and entered using a secured page), and requires minimal information (your name, email address and a password of your choosing).  By registering, you will have the option to receive meeting updates by email, or other email services (see below).  And, we may personalize the site, using your name, and by presenting information other than what we might show to a new visitor.  Additionally, you won't be bothered by having to agree to our Terms of Use each time you visit our site.  Also, we will take the settings you last used to search with and pre-enter them. 
NOTE: the personalization of the site depends on your browser being enabled for cookies.  Click here for more about cookies.  Also, all these features have not yet been added, but should be in effect soon.

optional email services
You will be given the option to receive one or more of the following:
Emailed Meeting Updates
have us send you customized emails including meetings related to criteria you choose when signing up.
Special Topics
email of articles or notices that we feel have special interest for you or the profession in general.
•Notices of Changes and Updates to Our Site

For details see Registration Info
Click here to Register Now!

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registration for meeting listing-agents
Registering as a Listing-agent (to be able to enter or "list" meetings) is very similar to visitor registration (if you have not done so, please read about 'registration for visitors' above).  In fact, if you have already registered as a visitor, your current registration info will flow over to the Listing-agent registration.  You are quite simply, and understandably, required to enter MORE information about yourself, because you have to be more accountable for the information (and payment, if any) for information you list with us.  You still will have the option to receive our email services.  You will be held accountable not only for our 'Terms of Use' ,  but also for our 'Terms of Listing-agent Use'.

Click here to register as a listing-agent, and be able to enter meetings!

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security We will always do our best to ensure your information is kept and transmitted securely -- your security is important to us.

We send personal information using secure connections. 
We use secure connections, or send you to sites which we believe to have a high level of security for all payments -- most payments for our services are done at the secure site of a well known and respected company who is in that business.  The only other payment information is sent on our Hosting (Virtual Server) Order Form which also uses secure connections.  

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Much the same as security, your privacy is important.  For more see our 'Privacy Policy'.

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who owns and runs RDL's VeterinarySolutions.com?
RDL's VeterinarySolutions.com is designed, owned and operated (through RDL Web Development LLC) by R. David Lindsay DVM along with his (to this point silent) partner and wife, Martha C. Lindsay DVM. The site is co-written by Dr. David Lindsay, who received his Webmaster's Certificate from Merrimack College, and Programmer Terri Smith (moonlighting from Sun Microsystems), who does the lion's share of the database work.  Notice the use of the present tense -- Dr. Lindsay believes that a website, much like medicine, is something that must be continually improved and updated. He intends to bring to this site the same dedication that kept him going to CE meetings during his 20 years in small animal practice ( and hopes the site will help encourage future generations to do the same).  There is intentionally not any "venture capital" or outside investment involved with this site. Therefore the agenda and design is completely open for modification, and Dr. Lindsay's intent is to make this site effective in it's purpose, even if it does not meet financial goals (within reason) or a particular time table.

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how to contact us
Well, it sounds redundant, but see 'Contact Us'.  We definitely want to hear your suggestions, comments and critiques, and know if there is any way in which we can help your pursuit of better continuing education, where and when and how you want it!

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