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for the first time (that we know of) Veterinary meetings (also Vet Tech, Staff & Mgmt meetings) can be listed and found by search criteria that include:
     • Title (quick search only)
     • Description
(quick search only)
• Meeting size
     • Meeting length
     • Meeting start dates
     • Speakers / Sponsors
     • Specialties / Categories
     • Species
     • Geographic location
     • Climate
     • Major Associated Activity
     • Other Associated Activities

All our listings can include (and can be searched by) the same types and amount of information.

listing a meeting is easy!!  
First register as a Listing-agent
When you have successfully registered (or if you return and login -- accessible through Meeting Listings Registration & Management) you will have a link available to our add (or edit) listings page.  When you add a meeting - simply type (or copy and paste) your meeting  information where indicated, and answer the questions, many with multiple choice selections -- all based on who the meeting was designed for (i.e. vet, vet tech, etc).  Your listing request will have a general review by us before being posted for all to search for!!  If you sign up for enhancements, these will not be instituted until we confirm payment.

types of listings

After filling out your information, you will have the following options for your listing:
Basic Enhanced
Link Enhanced
Combo Basic & Link Enhanced
(and can request consideration for a Featured listing)

Basic listing
A "Basic" listing is not really so basic.  It allows searching by all the criteria above (title, description, size, length, date, specialties, species, location, climate,  activities), assuming that this information has been entered. When your meeting is found in a search, we show an initial summary which includes:  title, date, meeting location, meeting summary (the first 75 characters including spaces and punctuation), contact information and website addresses. A "[more info]" link provides a pop up window to information that may include:  1) the full meeting summary, 2) meeting topic(s), 3) meeting speakers, 4) meeting setting, and 5) meeting agenda & costs -- 255 characters are allowed for each of these categories.  Again, this assumes that this information has been entered.  Also provided in the initial summary is a graphic link to MapQuest® TripConnect Plus® where the meeting address (as entered) is used to help the visitor get driving directions from home, from the airport, or from an entirely different location (MapQuest TripConnect Plus results available for most U.S., Canadian and some European locations).  
Click here for an example of a  Basic listing
FREE      FREE  
(Saying it once was not enough)

Enhanced Basic listing

All the features of a Basic listing PLUS
: Much like getting a larger listing in the yellow pages, your listing will stand out with a background color, with a larger colored title font, and an eye-catching graphic. An Enhanced Basic listing also allows for more of your meeting description to be shown in the summary --  instead of showing 75 characters as in the Basic listing, you get 255 characters. And enter the same great info as in the Basic listing (see above).
Click here for an example of an Enhanced Basic listing
ONLY $7.95 per month (plus $25 setup fee)
*Startup Special - Save $25 (NO SETUP FEE  for a limited time only!) 

Link Enhanced listing  
All the features of a Basic listing PLUS: Allows active links to the meeting and/or organization's URL’s (website addresses).  For example: http://www.yourMeeting.com and/or http://www.yourOrganization.org which will be set up to link directly to those sites.
Click here for an example of a Link Enhanced listing
ONLY $7.95 per month
(plus $25 setup fee)
*Startup Special - Save $25 (NO SETUP FEE  for a limited time only!) 

Combo Basic & Link Enhanced listing
All the features of a Basic, Basic Enhanced AND Link Enhanced listings!!  -- the larger fonts and a graphic, more of your description showing AND active links to your meeting and/or your organization's URL's (website addresses).
Click here for an example of a Combo Basic & Link Enhanced listing
(Save 18% on Combo)
ONLY $12.95 per month
(plus $25 setup fee)
*Startup Special - Save an additional $25 (NO SETUP FEE (limited time offer)

Nowhere to link?   Want to present your meeting in more detail?  Or your Organization?   
 We can host a page (or pages) for you on our site. You can get a single, text-only page for only a $15 one-time fee.  
You can also have us design or set up multiple pages for you on our site.  
Or we can host and/or design your own web site !!
Checkout 'Hosting Solutions' - or contact us

featured listing -- for the maximum exposure
"Featured" is a special by-invitation-only listing (but after setting up your meeting, you will have the opportunity to request consideration for this service - or contact us directly).  A "Featured" listing is independent of the searchable database.  These listings are given space on our main or "home" page in the prominent "Featured" section.  We currently plan on showing no more than 5 of these listings (and will not change this without notification).  The listing order in the "Featured" section will be random (change with each entry or refresh) such that no Featured meeting will have more exposure than any other. And, if invited, and you sign up for 2-week increments, we will also send your listing to ALL our email subscribers (one for each 2 week period). We will let you know what the time limitations or availabilities for "Featured" status may be when you are invited.
ONLY $99.95    49.97 per week (plus $50 setup fee)
OR $179.90   89.95 per 2-weeks (plus $50 setup fee)  and get the email!
*Startup Special - Save 50% 
Plus  - Save an additional $50  NO SETUP FEE (for a limited time only!) 




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