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Quickly and easily find your veterinary continuing education in our online searchable database. This free service is for veterinarians, technicians, practice managers and staff.  
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our mission: To facilitate the listing of Veterinary-related meetings and their pertinent data, and then, using criteria relevant to our visitors, to make these meeting listings available through dynamic searches.

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Additionally, we try to help our visitors know how to get to the veterinary meetings they find using MapQuest

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Search results include title and date info, the first few words of the summary (more if enhanced), contact information, and a link to additional information, if any, which may include the full summary, topics, speakers & sponsors, setting, agenda & costs.

Much more information than you get from most magazine or periodical listings.  And more organized and consistent than fliers and brochures.  (How many times have you found it difficult just to find the meeting dates in a flier?)


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